Diamond jewelry is forever

Diamond jewelry is forever

Into every girl’s life a little diamond should fall.

~ Elizabeth Taylor.


Diamond jewelry have adorned ladies for centuries.  They have dangled from the wrist of a starlet or an heiress, blinked from the ears of merchant’s wife and glittered from fingers of an eager bride, filled the frame of a crown jewel and every once in a age a diamond is named and is made a legacy. In fact diamonds have been around for a long time and will continue to be around.

Diamond jewelry are so durable they are an investment.


Diamonds have been called “a girls best friend” and they are rightly so as diamonds make a woman sparkle.  Be it on the wrist, round the neck, round the fingers, the ears, diamond jewelries make a woman stand out.  The men are not left out too. With the custom made diamond pendants and rings, they have their share of diamond jewelries.

Diamonds are hard crystals and that makes the durable.  Diamonds can be hard to buy for a newbie as the market is filled with fake. When paying good prices for diamond jewelries it is best to buy from a trusted place.

Welcome to Luxsly, the place where exquisite, top grade diamond jewelry have made their home.


From Basic pieces to luxury pieces

Here at Luxsly we offer you a wide range of diamond jewelries from rings, to earrings to necklaces, pendants and engagement rings.

When our jewelries are on sales, we take off up to 70%. This is an outrageous percentage and we so this because we believe that every girl should have a little diamond in her life. You can see all our discounted products here.

Lifetime purchases

Remember that buying diamond jewelry pieces are an investment. When you purchase any diamond jewelry you are buying pieces that will last forever. This is why diamonds make great family jewelry.


Memorable gifts that make for memorable gifts

Great moments are celebrated with amazing gifts.

An engagement ring that signifies the beginning of a union, wedding bands, promise rings for lasting friendships. Necklaces as gifts to special persons, diamond bracelets in appreciation, necklace pendants and a whole lot more. Each piece will make a special gift that holds a lot of meaning and memories.

Custom made pieces

Every one of diamond jewellery piece is custom made with the best of good and platinum.  We use top quality gemstones to create amazing pieces that have been designed to do bring joy to the ears or the recipient of the gift.


Free delivery and free return

All diamond jewelries from Luxsly.com comes with free  same day delivery.