Finding an Engagement Ring in NYC

How to find a good deal on an engagement ring in New York


If you’re reading this it’s likely that you’ve decided to propose to the love of your life. Congratulations.

All that stands in your way now is finding and choosing the perfect engagement ring from the thousands of engagement rings up for grabs in New York. A good place to start is by visiting New York’s Diamond District.  



It’s no small task, but it’s not insurmountable either.

Fear not, we’re here to help you with our handy guide to finding the ring of your spouse-to-be’s dreams.

Don’t wander blindly from shop to shop getting increasingly overwhelmed by the choices. Instead, narrow the field before you begin.


Here’s how:


Who Will Wear the Engagement Ring?


Now, undoubtedly you think about your partner all the time.

But for the particular task at hand, you’ll need to start thinking about their style, their preferences, and their tastes.


Not every woman, or man for that matter, wants to walk around with a rock the size of Gibraltar on their finger.

For example, if your partner isn’t the ostentatious, flashy type, perhaps you’re better off with a simple, classic engagement ring.

Think about your partner’s other jewelry. Do they wear gold? If so, is it yellow gold, white gold or rose gold? If not, perhaps they’d like a silver or platinum ring better.


Sneak into your partner’s side of the wardrobe the next time they’re not home.

Consider their clothes. Do they like bold, bright designs, or are they a fan of classical tailoring?

Would you call their clothes pretty and ruffled or do they favor a more austere style?

By this point, you should be starting to get a feel for the kinds of things they like.

If you’re still in the dark, next time you’re out and about with them, ask them how they feel about a certain design aspect.

You might garner a bit of intel like that.


Whatever you ask though, don’t give the game away.

This isn’t a good time to ask what your partner thinks of so-and-so’s engagement ring unless you want them to know what you’re planning.



Don’t Hesitate to Consult Your Partner’s Close Friends

Even if you’re a private person, it’s time to get out of your bubble.

Your partner’s close friends might offer you some intel as to what kind of engagement ring your lover would like.

You can also bring them shopping with you for a second opinion.

Bear in mind that you need to ditch your personal tastes and style and tackle more than one opinion.


You can also ask for the help of any experienced friends who have been on this ring shopping journey before.


Affordable Engagement Rings NYC


Everyone loves a bargain, and while this purchase probably isn’t the best one to scrimp and save on, there’s no need to buy a ridiculously priced engagement ring.


Set a Budget and Try to Stick to It


Unless you want to begin your married life with an overdraft on your mortgage and soaring credit card debts, decide how much you can spend before you go engagement ring shopping.


While in an ideal world you could buy your lover any engagement ring that takes your fancy and money is of no object, most of us don’t live in that world.

Instead of going for the most expensive engagement ring possible, go for the most expensive engagement ring which you can afford. And one which suits your partner’s tastes, of course.


The 3 Month “Rule”


There’s an old rule of thumb which states that the engagement ring you buy should cost around 3 months of your salary.

It’s not a bad rule, but like most rules, this too can be broken.

Don’t feel restricted by costs to the point that you send yourself broke.

Most sensible fianceés are going to be happy that they’re getting married to you, not hung up on how much the engagement ring cost.


With that in mind, and as an aside, do hide the receipt after you buy a ring.

That receipt is a sure fire way to ruin the surprise if it falls into the wrong hands.



Unique Engagement Rings NYC


Once you’ve finished digging for information from family and friends, it’s time for the hunt for the perfect engagement ring to begin in earnest.

You don’t want to end up with the same ring as everyone else.

Or worse, one that looks like it has come off a mass production belt.

Unique engagement rings offer a bold statement and a twist on traditional styles.


You can find rings with a mix of metals, such as yellow gold and platinum.

Or move away from the traditional by going for a mix of precious stones.

There’s no need to ditch the diamonds completely, many rings feature a principal stone surrounded by others.

Ruby, emerald, and sapphire are all popular choices.


Don’t Panic Purchase


Like a fairy-tale, once you enter the first jewelry shop you’ll find everything around you sparky, shiny, and fascinating.

You might find yourself tempted to get out your wallet and pay in full because you have finally found “the one”.


When that happens, wait and take a deep breath.

Your day hasn’t started yet. Instead, take your time, study all the options, and ask the right questions.

If you’re looking for a diamond, make sure you know your carats from your clarity.



It’s Time for the “Hide and Seek” Game


Your partner is not yet involved in this process.

So, once you’ve found the perfect engagement ring, your role is not quite finished.

You’ll need to make sure that your up-and-coming proposal is kept a secret.

Don’t give the game away by carelessly letting your partner find out.


You can turn to one of your trusted friends and keep the ring at his or her place.

This is a good option if you have friends who won’t spill the beans.


If you’re living with your partner and you need to keep the ring at your house, a lock and safe are ideal.

This also keeps the ring in a clean, safe environment.

If you have a naturally suspicious partner, try to avoid letting them know that you’re getting a safe if you don’t own one already.


If you and your partner share the same computers, make sure you erase all the search history and cookies.

Or do your engagement ring research in a private browser window.


In addition, don’t forget to hide any kind of receipts or paperwork related to the purchase.

And if your financial accounts are shared, make sure your partner doesn’t notice any huge withdrawals in this period.


For those who are planning to travel to another place to propose: do not put the ring in a suitcase or bag.

If your bags get checked at the airport it could ruin the surprise.

Not only that, but luggage can be misplaced, or worse, lost by airlines and airports.


Proposal Time!


All that ring hunting has paid off and you’re ready to pop the question.

Get a bottle of champagne and a couple of glasses at the ready.

While proposing can be terrifying, try to steady your nerves.


The possibility of rejection is probably slim at this stage so don’t worry yourself too much.

Just remember that you’re doing this because you love your partner and want to spend your life with them.

We don’t have any advice for you post-proposal.

We’re sure that you and your partner will be able to come up with more than a few ways to celebrate the engagement!